Lit Review Outline Template

Below is the electronic version of the template outline for writing the literature review referred to in Chapter 6 of the book: Authentic Quantitative Analysis for Leadership decision-Making. Students can copy this outline and then fill it in using the detailed directions in Chapter 6.

Title of Literature Review

Part I—Methodology of the Literature Review

List Of Keywords Searched

Indexes and Non-Indexed Sources Used to Access Relevant Studies

Overview/Scope of the Review

Criteria For Selecting Sources For The Review

Key Constructs/Sub-Constructs Guiding The Review

Part II—Review of the Literature

Definition and Measurement of Key Constructs/Sub-constructs

Description of Key Theories/Philosophic Issues

Analysis of the Empirical Research Evidence

Basic Analysis of the Evidence (stage one)

A Critical Analysis of the Evidence (stage two)

Reconciling/Summarizing Conflicting Findings (If Any)

Limitations Of The Existing Research

Part III—Summary Table(s) (optional)

Part IV—Conclusions and Needed Research


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